Thursday, 2 May 2013

Profitable sunrise is dead

Profitable sunrise is a big scam and is not coming back

Profitablesunrise is dead and it is not coming back.All the inquiries and group leader silence points out to only one fact that Roman Novak is not willing to restart its site.He have deceived many members including me.
All the group leaders first claims that Profitable sunrise is not a scam but in reality it is.I feel who lost money.I also lost good amount as my money was in long haul plan.

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Some are saying that profitable sunrise is even a big scam then zeek rewards.This can be approved only after the official report from SEC and state authorities.

It is a lesson for everyone that every program who is paying high interest is really a scam or going to scam.In no way this type of high interest is possible.Forex marketer claim to earn 0.5-1% that too with lot of good knowledge,skills and expereince.
Friends,I now pledged that I will not join any HYIP again.All HYIPs have to close one day,may be today or tomorrow.
Profitable sunrise have taught me a good lesson.I am now focusing on only real opportunities that does not scam and live for life time.
Now,I suggest you to focus only on real opportunities and don't relay on  HYIP's and scams.

Write me,If I can help you apart from profitable sunrise

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