Friday, 24 May 2013

Profitable sunrise is no more now where to invest legally

Profitable Sunrise is Dead Now where to Invest legally

Everyone is in shock that a company who claims to be a very solid and it was promoted on very high scale was actually a scam.It was promoted by big leaders and they all speak during the peak time that profitable sunrise is not a ponzi.Even some of them made youtube videos and portrayed profitable sunrise a legal company.Now everyone can make a clear decision that It was a organised scam and we got prey of it.

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One thing that is hanging in my mind that no leader  have ever seen Roman and they all shouted loud for this program.I think before making these types of claims they have to first verify all the information but no one have taken this responsibility and now we all are suffering here.

Nobody knows where Roman is and also he is not coming to court for hearing.No one knows Is Roman is his Orignal name?All I have to say that Profitable sunrise was based on PONZI Staircase and it was a typical HYIP so It has to close one day.

I have learned a very good lesson from this program to never invest in HYIPs as they are based on ponzi scheme.Basically if we take a look on their percentage of interest they give ,it all looks unreal in this real world.2.15%,2.7% are unreal  rate of interest and it is impossible for any company to give this much of interest daily.
I left all these HYIPs and Scam programs and now I am investing in only Good programs that are life long and have real and Orignal people.
Daily I get 100+ emails from people and all want to know where they now invest which must be legal and not a scam.So I decided to share with you what I am currently doing.
 Now I am in Big idea mastermind.I am happy that I have joined a legal program having real people.Nothing fake,everything is orignal and transparent,Pay plan is awesome that is 100% commission.Everything is awesome but this program is only for those who are willing to earn money.
We have marketing system called Big idea mastermind (BIM) and it is autopilot system.I am now earning good in this program and the main factor is that this is residual income for life time.Yes it is for life time.

Those who are interested in this opportunity can email me,I am willing to help you to make atleast $5000/month within 2-3 month of time period.I work only with serious people who are willing to earn good money.
I promise if you are dedicated in making money then click on the Banner that is just below the post and I will show you how to earn legal money.

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